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20 sehun x luhan moments - mama era to present (for anonymous)

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23-28/  jongdae gifs - jongdae getting teased after the mc suggestively asks if he would stay the night with his girlfriend ¬‿¬

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belated happy birthday to my deerest Luhan :)

my fanboard letter yesterday: hehe ^^

Hello Luhan! ♡

I am a fan from the Philippines.  ^_^

I just wanted to greet you a happy happy birthday! ^^ Oppa, you are my favorite EXO member ever since EXO debuted. Thank you for inspiring me and making me happy when I listen to you singing and when I watch your performances with EXO. Please stay the way you are, a very bubbly, kind, and lovely brother and member of EXO. Stay healthy, take care of yourself always. Be happy! Smile! You look the best when you smile, and it lightens up my heart. ^^ Thank you for your love for us fans. keep up the good work. May you have more birthdays to come. Enjoy your day! God bless.

Lovelots, Roselle :)

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how old are you (✿◠‿◠)

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269/500 exo airport appearance

269/500 exo airport appearance

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