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Sarangeun gyeolguk jungdok overdose♪♫


Sarangeun gyeolguk jungdok overdose♪♫

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Basketball is a general sport.. The influence one player has
is pretty big. Dramatically said, it’s fine to have 5 scorers. But
humans have strong and weak points, that’s why there are
different positions. The sixth player is a specialist.

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cute little flirt

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e x o // o v e r d o s e
e x o // o v e r d o s e

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Data Loading. Data Loading.

[Location Found.]

Exo Planet. A planet that had been invaded by an unknown source. Twelve Survivors are said to have escaped and are currently residing in Earth. Earth Locations Unknown. Possess ability that are beyond human capabilities.

Must approach with care. [Code Red]

[Data Being Collected] Suho and Kris. Leaders of the twelve. Earth Location Unknown. Level Ten. Top Level. Water Manipulation and Flight. 

Four Level Nine. [Data Being Collected] Kai. Luhan. Baekhyun. Chanyeol. [Powers Being Loaded] Teleportation. Telekinesis. Light and Fire Phoenix. Earth Location Unknown.

Four Level Eight. Chen. D.O. Lay. Xiumin. [Powers Being Loaded] Lightning. Earth. Healing. Frost. Earth Location Unknown.

Two Level Seven. Tao. Sehun. Powers Unknown. Earth Location Unknown.

[Transmitting Data onto Computer]

Error. Error. Corruption in Files. Error. System Shutting Down. Corruption.

System Failure. Hacker unidentified.

Scanning Hacker. [Hacker Alias Name Collected]

[Loading] Kim Jongdae. [Source of Electricity/Appliance Unidentified.]

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EXO; then and now

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sa lahat na, nakita ko na yung leaked MV ng EXO-M Overdose… Luhan mukha kang adik adik na bata XD joke lang ha guys.

of all things, I watched the leaked MV  of EXO-M Overdose… Luhan, you really looked like an overdosed child XD just kidding guys.

good thing it’s deleted now. better wait and watch the official post on SMENT’s YT. :)

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